Choosing To Die – A Personal Story

“Shacter’s book is more than a wife’s chronicle of abiding love, immeasurable courage and unwavering commitment as her husband journeys toward death. It is also a passionate appeal for us all to claim our right to die with dignity. Even more, this book is a profound personal account of a couple’s struggle to conquer the fear of death.”
— Julia Assante, PhD, Author

Phyllis Shacter courageously shares the first personal story ever written about Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED). This memoir and guidebook follows the journey she took with her husband, Alan, once he decided to VSED so he didn’t have to live into the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

This is their love story, their partnership, the brave territory they traversed, including how they prepared themselves with proper medical and legal guidance when electing to VSED. Choosing to Die is filled with emotional depth and sensitivity as well as practical information outlining the process from beginning to end.

Phyllis shares every detail, including what Alan experienced during the nine-and-a-half days it took for him to die, and how the experience transformed Phyllis. This book is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of end of life choices, and especially for anyone who has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease.

Phyllis Shacter is a retired teacher, business consultant, life coach, and public speaker. Choosing to Die and are the most comprehensive resources on the subject of VSED available today.

In this 30 minute interview from April 2017, Dr. Karen Wyatt – from End of Live University – talks about Phyllis’ story and new book, “Choosing to Die.”

In this interview you will learn:

  • How Phyllis coped with her own grief during and after Alan’s death
  • How someone decides if VSED is the right choice for them
  • Why VSED is NOT considered suicide
  • How Alan changed after making the decision to VSED
  • How VSED is being received across the country