Here is another recent podcast with Death by Design

The concept of “Death by Design” is to inspire individuals and their families to create a blueprint for an inevitable journey that reflects the beauty of life and the positive destination of end of life.

Episode 32: Phyllis Shacter, Author/ Advocate of VSED

Each of these podcasts have felt very unique because the interviewers have been asking me different questions.… Read More

Death and dying continues to be seen as a big taboo

“…acute care remains outrageously and disproportionately the receiver of funding and attention.”

Mary O’Hara writes about palliative care specialist BJ Miller and his efforts to promote palliative care in America and Britain.

Miller wants to shift the focus in medicine from strictly managing pain but to also improving quality of life for the patients struggling with an illness, disease or disability.… Read More

Another Interview Coming Soon With John Wadsworth

The soul doesn’t go anywhere;
​ it’s the body that dissolves and returns to the earth.

My friend and colleague, John Wadsworth, is a gifted photographer and videographer. He is the Founding Editor and Creative Director of the beautiful “Art of Dying” magazine. In the opening “Editor’s Note,” John says: “Death is approaching everyone. One moment we will no longer be who we have believed ourselves to be.… Read More

As a reminder I’ll be interviewed tomorrow at 2:00 P.M. PST (5:00 P.M. EST) by Cheryl Jones on “Good Grief”. Here is a description of the episode. A link you can use tomorrow is below. I hope everyone is able to listen to it live. Thank you!

Phyllis Shacter’s husband made a series of radical choices about how his life would end.… Read More

Choosing to Die | VoiceAmerica

Phyllis Shacter’s husband made a series of radical choices about how his life would end. When he received two life limiting diagnoses within six weeks of each other, Alzheimers and cancer, he refused cancer treatment and employed natural methods instead.

See the link below for my live interview with Cheryl Jones on a program called “Good Grief” on, Wed., July 26, 2017, at 2:00 pm PST.
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When I Die, Recompose Me

“The death care revolution has begun. It’s an exciting time to be alive.”

Katrina Spade grew up in a medical family. Her family did not shy away from conversations about death. While she ended up going into architecture, she did not stop having those important conversations. While in architecture school she became curious about what would happen to her body when she died.… Read More

An Introduction Video To This Website

This website was produced in 2015 as a way to educate others about expanding end of life choices, including VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking). Please watch this two minute introductory video. Then begin to look at the website and find out what interests you the most. You will learn more about my book, Choosing to Die, including a review in the Harvard Law Blog.… Read More

We’re Bad at Death. Can We Talk?

“Patients who engage in advance care planning are less likely to die in the hospital or to receive futile intensive care.”

Dhruv Khullar M.D. writes a moving piece for The New York Times about why it is important to have deep meaningful conversations about end of life before it is too late to do so. It has been increasingly acknowledged that many Americans would rather not go through intensive care and excessive hospitalization at the end of their life.… Read More

Interviewed on Podcast “Death Hangout”

Recently, I was interviewed by two wonderful men on “The Death Hangout.” This is a very creative podcast that interviews people about issues that surround death and dying. They told me they were reluctant to interview me at first because of the unusual nature of my topic – VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking).

Take 30 minutes and watch this interview.… Read More

Legality Surrounding the Choice to VSED

Death and dying feels like a messy matter at times. If we haven’t come to terms with our mortality, how can we even begin to think about and exercise our choices.

It is complicated and often intense to think ahead of time about how we want to die. Considering our choices requires deep introspection. For example, VSED is a complicated choice and it requires sufficient support.… Read More